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The Business Planning Institute is a provider of professional business plan writing, editing and review services. The Company has written award winning business plans for large and small companies in both domestic and international markets.

The Principals of BPI have an extensive background in venture capital, finance, marketing, and business development with a high degree of concentration with technology and Internet based businesses. BPI brings a fresh and contemporary approach to business planning that both clients and investors have found to be very effective and results oriented.

Writing an effective business plan requires a high degree of cooperation, frank and open communications and a certain element of trust between you and the plan writers. Certainly experience is important but it is also very important that you have complete and total confidence in the character and integrity of the individuals who will be writing your business plan.

The principals of BPI are seasoned professionals who have a well deserved reputation for achieving results and maintaining the highest possible business ethics. They have worked in senior level positions for highly respected corporations and they have the experience of starting and successfully managing new companies.

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